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Dawson Clinical Care Centre

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Yukon Spa is a place for restoration, just like the Yukon's natural environment. We are able to support a wide range of physical, psychological and social health and wellness needs.


We are home to Dawson City Clinical Care Centre where we have access to a range of permanent and visiting health professionals to deliver advanced clinical care.

Our provision of massage, aesthetics, and spa treatments can help you to feel like the best version of you.


Yukon Spa started life as a pilot program to determine the needs of our resident and tourist populations in terms of non-statutory health and wellness care. During 2021 we converted a room at Dawson Lodge into a temporary treatment space while we conducted a more thorough assessment of the potential for this service. Since 2021 we have been providing a growing range of services including massage and advanced medical aesthetics. As our service users tell us the things they are missing, we explore how to bring those things to the community. 

In late 2023, we integrated Dawson City Clinical Care and Therapeutics Centre into our offer. From our team of health professionals based in Dawson City and our visiting professionals, we are able to provide intravenous infusion therapies, injectable medications, insurance medical assessments, lab collections, advanced nursing foot care, wound, ostomy and continence nursing, physiotherapy, chiropractic care and more to come.

In 2023 we signed contracts to build a brand new health and wellness centre that contains a day spa facility, nurse-led outpatient clinic and multi professional health centre. In addition, we've made space for a cafe that will nourish your body and soul with awesome light bites and drinks. 


More news to come but you can check out our blog here

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