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Advanced Foot Care Services

The majority of people don't need the care of a registered healthcare professional for the majority of  their foot care needs. But when a pedicure just isn't enough, the availability of advanced foot care services can make a massive difference to quality of life. Our advanced foot care services are nurse led and able to extend the care provided in a spa pedicure. 

Nail Correction With Onyfix

There are a wide variety of different mechanisms for trying to change the way a nail grows. Most are based on the same overarching principle that if you can "train" a nail to grow in a certain way, you can eliminate the problems that are caused by this altered growth. The major difference between how different treatment options work are in the material used and the way the correction device is applied.

Onyfix is an extremely flexible system that allows us to treat people within their level of comfort.

  • The device is made specifically for each toe nail it is applied to at the base of the nail. While it can also be applied higher up the nail, people who are nervous of having anything done with the painful end of the nail can avoid that completely. 

  • The device goes on and stays on, it is a composite that is cured to the nail plate and remains in place until it grows off the edge of the nail. There is no metal brace that could fall off. No need to come in for multiple applications on a regular basis. Once it's on, most people just need routine nail care of the growing nail. 

For these reasons, at Yukon Spa we have chosen Onyfix as our primary method of nail growth correction when dealing with involuted or ingrown nails.  Call us to talk about nail correction and help decide if it's right for you.


Fungal Nail Treatment with ToeFx

Fungal nail infections are rarely dangerous to your health, but can cause significant nail and skin problems. Nails with a fungal infection will generally appear discoloured, either thinned and brittle or thickened, sometime they crumble. For most people, the worse thing about a fungal nail infection is how it looks. 

We have a treatment option that is pain free and more effective than other topical treatments and systemic anti fungal drugs for the majority of people. Using photodisinfection, we are able to use a specific wavelength of light and a chemical that makes fungal cells even more susceptible those wavelengths to kill the fungus in the nail and the tissue below. 

The only downside to this treartment is commitment. Because toe nail growth is slow (sometimes up to 1 year for a nail to fully grow out from the base), treatment is regular and thorough. Every 2 weeks for at least 10 sessions, you need to have a treatment. The first treatment may take up to 1 hour and 30 minutes. Each subsequent treatment will take approximately 45 minutes. If you would like to discuss fungal nail treatment options, please check in for a free consultation. This treatment might not be right for you for many reasons, but we can help guide you to something that is more suitable for your situation or provide you with information to inform your further investigations.

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